About Me


I grew up in a military family, moving at least every two years. Often I would find that my parents had given away a lot of my stuff without asking. I got used to it and I find that I still do it, although I try just to put certain things away knowing that down the road they will be the exact things I need. A thorough cleaning is necessary at least every year; pulling everything out and putting it back away, keeping some, and getting rid of other things. That is what I hope to accomplish with this site, dragging out what I’ve done and finally putting some of it to rest while seeing what still resonates.

The plan for this site is to both present my work going forward as well as looking back. The site will grow as time allows. I have been formulating an artist statement over the entire time that I have been working and it seems that every time I put something on paper the work contradicts the words. The plan for this site to act as the statement, contradictions and all. This may give a false or incomplete impression of what I do. It also flies in the face of best practice, which says that it’s a newby move to put up an incomplete site, but I like the idea of editing in plain view.

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