This was begun and put away some time in 2014 while I was in the middle of a series of large black and white drawings. It begun with sanguine chalk as an alternative to black and continued in a basic three color mode, sanguine, blue, and black with highlights of pale pink. Never quite sure …

Dancing Trees

Dancing Trees, Pastel and Watercolor on Buff Paper, 22 x 30

I tend to shy away from titles like this. It just fits though. I don't like to romanticize or anthropomorphize nature. Nature just is and even though this may seem to be a work of fantasy, the live oaks, when they lose their leaves the branches are seen to bend and twist in fantastical ways.

Nature and Abstraction

I make a mark that calls to be completed by another mark. The accumulation delineates leaf and branch, water flow, rocks and rock fall, in seemingly random ways. Like nature it may happen without thought but it is by no means random, just not fully understood. Action creates a response in art and in nature.

Look Up, Look Down #2

Much of what I started doing about this time (2013-14) started focusing more on imagined detail. I say imagined since I mostly don't work from photographs or directly from life. The drawings in this series involve the often overlooked, seemingly insignificant detail. These are things that in a well manicured environment would be eliminated. Since …